4" Set Price $ 89.99
5" Set Price $ 99.99
9 Piece Set $ 299.99
9 Piece Grinding and Polishing Set
9 Piece Polishing and Grinding Set.
Consist of our 4" 0-4000 rpm
constant speed wet grinder a 7
piece 4" Premium wet polishing
pad set [includes 1 ea of
50,100,200,400,800,1500 and
3000 grit pads] and a 4" Hook and
loop backing pad adaptor to hold
the pads on your
grinder.Everything that you need
to polish concrete countertops and
finish the edges of Marble, Granite
and other stone.

Wet Diamond Polishing
Set for Concrete
These sets of wet diamond
polishing pads were
developed especially for
polishing concrete.The sets
are avaliable in either 4" or 5"
and includes 1 each
0 Grit as well as a backer
pad to hold them on your
grinder.The Backer pad has a
5/8"x11 arbor.